Book Drive at Summa Health

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Book Drive at Summa Health

We are looking to do a book drive for the Department of Family Medicine at Summa Health. In Family Medicine, a lot of our patients are families with children who come from an underprivileged background. A lot of these children have never had the opportunity to own their own book, or have a book read to them at bedtime. We are hoping to be able to do a book drive for these children, aged K- 5th Grade. The goal of this book drive is provide these children with new books so that they can start to build their own personal library, which is not something that they would ever think is possible. We are really hoping that all of these books will be brand new, and not used. These books will be handed out to every child that comes in for their appointment in Family Medicine. I was hoping that the local Girl Scout Troops might be interested in participating in this! This would be a great experience for them, and might be able to earn them a badge in the meantime. This will be an ongoing opportunity. We are always looking for new books for these children!

Contact Collette Cross at or (330) 375-3792 to organize your book drive today!

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