Free Badge Workshops with Badge Bosses from EnviroScience!

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Free Badge Workshops with Badge Bosses from EnviroScience!

EnviroScience, Inc (ES) has a team of seven ecologists that are volunteering as Badge Bosses to provide badge workshops support to help your troop earn the following badges.

Bugs Badge
1.Talk with aquatic insect and pollinator specialists
2.Build an insect hotel to take home (
3.See bugs in action: Sample for aquatic insects in a nearby stream and observe them. Flip cover objects to observe terrestrial insects.
4.Explore bug homes: visit pollinator garden and ES bee hive.
5.All of these things will be part of your bug field trip

Eco Friend Badge (meet ES personnel at pre-designated trail head)
1.Take a hike and think of ways to help the outdoors
2.Observe outdoor spaces: solo observation walk ending in storytelling
3.Build and safely put out a fire
4.Take care of wildlife: learn about how ES staff protect and take care of wildlife.
5.Practice being kind: End with an outdoor or stream clean-up

Outdoor Adventurer Badge (Night Hike at Silver Springs Park, meet at ES)
1.Play outdoors in a new way: night hike
2.Explore nature: sky watch – star gazing
3.Outdoor games: Nebula tag and Bat/Moth
4.Learn a camp skill: fire building and s’mores
5.Brainstorm ideas and plan for your troop to help and outdoor space that you love.

Outdoor Art Creator Badge
Projects developed when requested, non-nature materials will need to be provided by troop.

We can provide these half-day (approx. 3 hours) badge workshops at our facility in Stow, OH. We are also open to discussing potentially coming to you or helping offer at another site of your choosing.

To schedule a workshop contact:Teal Richards-Dimitrie,


PLEASE NOTE: Badge Boss/Career Expert experiences are free but Troops or individual girls may be asked to provide supplies for activities. Badge Bosses are adults who volunteer to help girls/troops earn badges! Badge Bosses choose the badge they want to offer. Career Experts share what it is like to be employed in a particular profession. Badge Bosses and Career Experts are not required to be Girl Scout members ( though some are)  or complete a criminal background check ( though some do) . Badge Bosses and Career  Experts are not responsible for supervision and therefore should not be left alone with girls. For the safety of our members, troops should maintain the appropriate child to adult ratios with their own approved volunteers. If you have questions,  please contact Candace Harmon at

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