Little Zen Yoga

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Little Zen Yoga

With Little Zen Yoga, Girl Scouts will embark on a transformative journey where they’ll discover the power of yoga to nurture both body and mind. Throughout the session, they’ll engage in a variety of activities designed to cultivate emotional regulation, physical flexibility, and inner harmony.

Firstly, the girls will learn essential breathing exercises, setting the foundation for mindfulness and self-awareness. They’ll then dive into a gentle warm-up yoga sequence, connecting with their bodies and preparing for the exploration ahead. Each class will feature a discussion on a pertinent topic, such as teamwork or self-confidence, fostering valuable life skills in a supportive environment.

Partner yoga poses and interactive games will inject an element of playfulness into the practice while reinforcing the day’s theme. Through collaboration and cooperation, the girls will strengthen their bonds with each other and develop essential social skills.

Following this, a mindfulness activity will encourage the girls to center themselves in the present moment, honing their ability to focus and concentrate. Finally, they’ll unwind with a relaxation or guided imagery session, allowing them to release tension and experience deep relaxation.

This opportunity is truly exceptional because it offers a holistic approach to personal development. By combining physical movement, mindful awareness, and meaningful discussions, girls will emerge from each session feeling empowered, balanced, and inspired.

Little Zen Yoga class will be held in a convenient location near the participating Girl Scout troop. Depending on the troop’s location, the event could take place at various community spaces such as a community center, library, or recreational facility. Once the venue is secured, the specific room or area within the building will be designated for the event. The exact address and room name will be provided to the troop upon registration or closer to the event date to ensure easy access for all participants. Little Zen Yoga is committed to making this opportunity accessible and convenient for all Girl Scouts, ensuring they can fully engage in the transformative experience.

We are available on weeknights at 4 pm and on Saturdays 10 am – 2 pm. The cost of the Little Zen Yoga class is $15 per girl. Parking directions will all be given with the location details.

The girls will need a:

  1. Yoga mat *we will also have extra*
  2. Water Bottle

Registration for the Little Zen Yoga event will be streamlined and user-friendly for both troop leaders and parents. Here’s how it will work:

Troop Leader Communication: The troop leader will receive a unique registration link to share with parents/guardians of the Girl Scouts in their troop. This link will be provided via email or any other preferred communication method.

Parent Registration: When parents/guardians receive the registration link, they can simply click on it to be directed to the Sawyer registration platform. This platform will host the event registration process.

Event Details and Registration Form: On the Sawyer registration page, parents/guardians will find detailed information about the Little Zen Yoga event, including the date, time, location, and what their daughters will learn and experience.

Registration and Payment: Parents/guardians will then fill out the registration form for their daughter(s), providing necessary contact information and any relevant medical or emergency contact details. They will also have the option to pay for the class directly through the Sawyer platform, ensuring a seamless registration process.

Confirmation: Upon successful registration and payment, parents/guardians will receive a confirmation email with all pertinent details about the event, including the location, what to bring, and any additional instructions.

Caregivers/adults are not required to stay during the Little Zen Yoga event, but they are certainly welcome to do so if they choose. While their attendance is not mandatory, having at least one adult present is encouraged for several reasons:

  • Safety: Having an adult present ensures the safety and well-being of all participants. In the unlikely event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, having a responsible adult on-site can provide immediate assistance and support.
  • Support: Some girls may feel more comfortable participating in the event if a familiar adult is present. Having a parent or caregiver nearby can offer emotional support and reassurance, especially for younger participants or those who may be new to yoga.
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