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Beck Center Theater Tours and Workshops

Beck Center Theater Tours and Workshops

November 21, 2018 - November 30, 2021

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Theater interactive workshops and behind-the-scenes tours of Beck Center for the Arts performance spaces. Rachel Spence works with girls of all ages and all abilities. Please contact us at 216-521-2540 x16 or to schedule a workshop that is convenient for your Girl Scouts. For more information on Beck Center for the Arts performances, classes, […]

BROWNIE -MAKING FRIENDS BADGE – The Etiquette Factory by Miss Kim

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Brownie -MAKING FRIENDS BADGE MAX/MIN: 25 / 10 Brownie (grade 3-4) Let the Etiquette Factory help your Brownies earn their Making Friends Badge. We will teach them the requirements needed to succeed. Proper Introductions How to show you care How to share How to disagree When: After school, Evenings or Weekends Where: We travel to […]

Come get Sherlocked In! Call to schedule.

Locked in a room with one way out, you must search for hidden compartments, secret passageways, and clues to plot your Great Escape. It’s a hybrid scavenger hunt and puzzle game. The clock is ticking, so teamwork is essential. When the hour is up you will be guaranteed laughter, a sense of accomplishment, a new […]

Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette MAX/MIN: 25 / 10 All GS levels Ambassador (grades 11-12), Brownie (grades 2 – 3), Cadette (grades 6 – 8), Daisy (grades K – 1), Junior (grades 4 – 5), Senior (grades 9 – 10) Children will learn in a fun and interactive way: Setting the Table Dining American Style Dining Continental Style […]

Etiquette Programs for Girl Scouts since 1994

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Making Friends, Social Butterfly, E Tech

The class is here to fit your busy scout schedules, learn the latest etiquette trends, keeping you in the know and current! Polish your character by learning some home manners, basic body communication, the importance of an impressive handshake and how to introduce yourself and others. Not sure which is the salad or dessert fork? […]

Free Water Program, will come to your troop meetings! Contact to schedule

Cleveland Water’s Education and Outreach Team is always looking for new ways to reach our customers and their families. One of our primary goals is to educate children about what makes Cleveland Water erie-sistable! Our speakers are equipped with water-related activities such as Career Bingo, Jeopardy and Trivia, which enhances the learning experience. Cleveland Water’s […]

JUNIOR – SOCIAL BUTTERFLY BADGE-The Etiquette Factory by Miss Kim

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JUNIOR – SOCIAL BUTTERFLY BADGE MAX/MIN: 25 / 10 Junior (grade 4-5) Let the Etiquette Factory help your Juniors earn their Social Butterfly Badge. We will teach them all of the requirements needed to succeed. How to hold a conversation How to use proper table manners Be prepared for a special occasion Write a thank […]

Let JOANN staff create a class for you! Call to schedule

JOANN has partnered with GSUSA and GSNEO! With this new partnership, registered Girl Scouts of North East Ohio members and volunteers will receive the following benefits: • 15% off total purchases, eligible every day. Sign up to receive your discount! • Access to JOANN meeting rooms at your local store. A variety of rooms are […]

Rising Waters Overnight with Asian festivities | Cleveland Metroparks Zoo | Contact to schedule

New for 2018! To celebrate the opening of Asian Highlands, with snow leopards, Amur leopards, red pandas and takins, Rising Waters overnight Zoo adventure will include a touch of Asian flair. Campers that stay in Rising Waters Safari Camp will experience both African and Asian culture and festivities, conservation oriented activities and close up encounters […]

Social Butterfly Badge

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Social Butterfly

Scouts will learn the in and out’s of planning and hosting a Party. We will actually plan a party together. Another element of the program will be how to write a well written thank you note, which they will do at the meeting. Each scout will receive their own stationary kit. Polish your character by […]