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Beck Center Theater Tours and Workshops or Arts Sampler

We offer theater workshops and tours for all ages of Girl Scouts, troop leaders, and adult volunteers. Girl Scouts also have the opportunity to experience theater or dance or music, or visual arts, in one session at Beck Center for the Arts in Lakewood, Ohio. Patch is available for all participants.

Brownie Home Scientist Badge: Unearth The Science

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Brownie: Home Scientist Badge

BranchOut! Education™ will unearth the wonderful world of science hiding within our homes and earn your Home Scientist Badge! Young scientists dive into density, become Bubbleologists and study the scientific properties of bubbles, discover the shocking truth behind static electricity, and unearth the phenomena of physical and chemical changes by concocting ice cream in a […]

Challenge Island VIRTUAL STEAM badge and journeys

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Challenge Island® is a Girl Scout partner nationwide and we are now offering hands-on STEAM Girl Scout workshops for all levels. Fill the requirements for several badges and journeys while getting to connect with your troop and other Girl Scouts. Every participant gets a Challenge Island® fun patch. Visit our web sit or email […]

From Electrical Engineer to Patent Attorney – Exploring STEM Career Paths

Career Expert Program From aspiring book editor to engineer to patent lawyer, Career Expert Cheryl Greenly of Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems hosts a new program for Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. Learn about Cheryl’s fascinating career path and how engineering can be a stepping stone for many different careers. Read below for a sneak […]

Online Program on Zoom -Perfectly Polite Dining and Etiquette Program- Call to schedule

Perfectly Polite Dining and Etiquette Program All GS levels Ambassador (grades 11-12), Brownie (grades 2 – 3), Cadette (grades 6 – 8), Daisy (grades K – 1), Junior (grades 4 – 5), Senior (grades 9 – 10) Children will learn in a fun and interactive way: Setting the Table Dining American Style Dining Continental Style […]

Online Program on Zoom- Etiquette Tea Party -Call to schedule

Gather your troop and host a virtual Tea Party! Have everyone bring their favorite teacup filled and cookies. Family members are welcome to attend. And enjoy a live etiquette tea party presentation! All GS levels Ambassador (grades 11-12), Brownie (grades 2 – 3), Cadette (grades 6 – 8), Daisy (grades K – 1), Junior (grades […]

Online Program on Zoom- Personal Branding, Presence and Social Media Etiquette | Call to schedule

Learn how your attitude, personal style, non verbals and social media image create your personal brand. 1-Hour Program W Presented by: Kimberlee Franz, Certified Etiquette Instructor Incorporated Insured Background Checked Virtus Trained Attends educational seminars and programs yearly. Established in 2015

Online Program on Zoom–Badge Program for Juniors -Social Butterfly-Call to schedule | Juniors

Junior (grade 4-5) Let the Etiquette Factory help your Juniors earn their Social Butterfly Badge. We will teach them all of the requirements needed to succeed. How to hold a conversation How to use proper table manners Be prepared for a special occasion Write a thank-you note 1-Hour Program Presented by: Kimberlee Franz, Certified Etiquette […]

Online Program on Zoom-Badge Program for Brownies-Making Friends-Call to schedule

Brownie (grade 3-4) Let the Etiquette Factory help your Brownies earn their Making Friends Badge. We will teach them the requirements needed to succeed. Proper Introductions How to show you care How to share How to disagree 1-Hour Program Presented by: Kimberlee Franz – Certified Instructor Incorporated Insured Background Checked Virtus Trained Attends educational seminars […]

Online Program on Zoom-Financial Literacy Program – The Money Game –

A financial literacy program. Students learn about the following: Paychecks Federal, State, and Local Taxes Social Security Medicare/ Medicaid Everyday Expenses and Bills – Utilities, Rent Car Insurance Credit Cards The financial cost of Life Events, such as car accidents, opportunity to pay off credit card debt, and the option to pay off the car, […]

Online Program on Zoom-International Dining Etiquette-Call to schedule

Let\\\’s tell the troops! A fun way to learn good manners! Presented ONLINE during meal time! Fun, interactive and educational program for the entire troop and their families! Learn and explore all the cultural and global differences. We will present international dining for the following countries England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Chile, Saudi […]

Patch Program with Brunswick KiDDS Pediatric Dentistry

BrunswickKIDDS Pediatric Dentistry would like to offer the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio the opportunity to tour our office and earn their dental healthcare patch! Girls will learn about proper dental health – both in the dental office and home settings – in a relaxed, fun environment. Girls will also learn about different types of […]