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Beck Center for the Arts Tour and Arts Sampler

Beck Center for the Arts Tour and Arts Sampler

November 5, 2021 09:00 am - December 31, 2023 07:00 pm

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Interested in exploring visual arts, dance, theater, and/or music, virtually? Contact Ed Gallagher, Director of Education at about virtual opportunities. Want to tour our facilities in Lakewood, Oh, and our renovated Education Wing? Ed can answer those questions as well!

Bugs Badge with HF&G

During this hands-on program, Girl Scout Brownies will be observing the insects that live in the outdoor and indoor spaces at the Cleveland Botanical Garden and exploring how these tiny organisms help with the important job of pollinating plants. Find a bug and build an observation box for it. Each troop should bring shoeboxes with […]

Cleveland Student Technical Enrichment Program (STEP)

Cleveland Student Technical Enrichment Program (STEP)

September 1, 2022 09:00 am - April 30, 2023 01:00 pm

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Since 1994, Cleveland STEP (Student Technical Enrichment Program) has given students the opportunity to visit premier institutions, interact with professionals in the field, meet new friends and work together, performing exciting activities and experiments developed and led by STEM professionals. The Cleveland STEP experience, a partnership between Cleveland Water and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District […]

Coding Basics with Texas Instruments

Get step-by-step activities to earn Coding for Good, Badge 1: Coding Basics Our easy-to-follow activities — available from Junior level (beginners) to Ambassador level (advanced) — are made for the TI-84 Plus and TI-Nspire™ CX families of graphing calculators and can be completed individually or as a troop. Since many girls are already familiar with […]

Flowers Badge with HF&G

Learners will observe flowers inside and out during this hands-on experience at Cleveland Botanical Garden. Explore the indoor or outdoor gardens to see real flowers and learn about pollination. Investigate the parts of plants by dissecting a flower and then make a flower press for the petals. Plant a seed to take with you and […]

Garden of Eatin’ Program – ACAPL

We are looking for help with the gardens located on the shelter property! We would like “sensory” elements added to existing gardens (that also need some tending) such as lavender, thyme, etc… for the shelter animals in addition to adding a garden with fresh produce for the shelter residents. There is also a memorial garden […]

Girl Scout Badge Workshops
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Remote Girl Scout Badge Workshops guide Scouts through a full set of badge requirements in an online portal, supported by a kit of physical materials mailed to the Scout. Also included in each Badge Workshop is access to a live event led by The Museum of Flight’s educators! Presented in partnership with the Girl Scouts […]

Horse Riding Lessons at Huntington Stables

We offer Riding Lessons to all levels of riders. We have Trail Rides, hundreds of acres to ride on! We Train, Board and Lease Horses. We offer week long Summer Riding Camps! Some children enjoy their camp so much they take more than one week. We have several Girl Scout courses available. One of the […]

Learn about Horses

Champion Hill Performance Horses LLC, is excited to offer an opportunity for girls to learn about horses with a professional coach/trainer, in North Lawrence, Ohio. The session will fulfill the requirements for the Girl Scout Junior Horseback Riding badge (Badge is purchased separately; badge not provided). Session takes 2 to 3 hours depending on size […]

Plast – Ukrainian Scouting Organization

Plast – Ukrainian Scouting Organization, with over 10,000 members in Ukraine alone, is a worldwide scouting movement that has reacted to the war against Ukraine in the only way it knows how, by utilizing a motto all young Ukrainian scouts learn, “Hotuys!,” which in English is “Be Prepared,” the motto each Girl Scout knows well. […]

Play Academy, By Main Event

Play Academy at Main Event is an accredited, STEAM-based curriculum that combines real lessons with real fun to show students that the more they learn, the better they play. Bowling: The scientific method behind getting strikes, Games: Step up your game with scientific principles, Laser Tag: Laser tag is a blast with light refraction, Pizza: […]

Shapes in Nature Badge with HF&G

Over the course of the program, Girl Scout Daisies will go on a journey to discover shapes and patterns in the natural areas of the Cleveland Botanical Garden. We will go on a scavenger hunt to find common and uncommon shapes in nature, plus plant, animal, and human-made patterns. Daisies will use natural items to […]